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Night Guards

A night guard is designed to be comfortable. It protects a patient’s teeth from grinding and clenching while sleeping.

Some patients find that standard mouth guards are uncomfortable and badly designed, which is why your dentist can design an Invisalign night guard, which is slimmer. Almost invisible, these night guards can also act as daytime protection for any discomfort experienced from grinding or clenching of the teeth.

Other scenarios where a night guard could be required:

For patients suffering from teeth grinding or TMJ, a night guard could prove reliable in relieving joint and jaw pain. A night guard will also protect the more expensive dental procedures a patient has had done, such as crowns, implants, or bridges. Put simply, teeth will last for a lifetime with proper care and attention. Dentists are available to help patients protect their teeth, health, and cosmetic investment.

For dental patients suffering from shifting or drifting of teeth, night guards can provide protection.

Athletic Guards

Patients who play contact sports like rugby, lacrosse, or football can protect their teeth using an athletic guard.

Dentists can design custom-made athletic guards that are less bulky, non-chafing, more comfortable, and that gives better cushioning. All of these aspects make the patient more likely to wear the sports guard.

Snore Guards

During sleep, it is common for the soft tissue at the back of the throat to vibrate due to the jaw relaxing. Snore guards help to reposition the lower jaw so that airways are more open for better airflow. This results in the patient experiencing reduced snoring and a better night’s sleep.

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