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Root Canal Treatment

Constant tooth pain is the worst!  If simply talking, eating, or drinking hot and cold fluids has lingering pain, it may be more than a simple cavity.  When decay is not treated early, it can reach the pulp of the tooth and compromise the nerve tissue.  These symptoms can also be caused by a traumatic injury from years past. 

Unfortunately, a diseased inner tooth will have a host of problems.  A spreading infection can cause pus to develop, which can lead to an abscess and swelling.

Root canal therapy requires removing the diseased nerve tissue from within the tooth.  The inner chambers are cleansed, disinfected, and filled with a material designed to prevent infection.   A root canal can prevent or help resolve a dental infection and save a natural tooth from extraction.    

Despite its reputation, patients rarely experience any discomfort or pain.  In fact, patients enjoy watching a movie or may even fall asleep. 

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